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ALFEA rare books, antiquarian bookstore: artists 'books, prints, engravings, art, rare or ancient works, numbered, first editions, sought after titles, collectors' items and to consult.
ALFEA, name of a Greek deity that symbolizes the timeless flow of culture: the acceleration of the modern burns in the past and tries to shake it off without preserving the signs. Here is the mission that ALFEA has been given since its origins, in the same place and city: Milan, Via Scaldasole, 3 with two side-by-side bookcases, one for antiques and the other for modern book trade.

In these years he has always tried to save, guard and defend that great river of culture, a heritage of humanity. All those who wish to reclaim and reconnect with such a heritage can find ancient or rare works of art, geography, travel, literature, science, thought, history, etc. in these Alfea spaces. Against the background of the Milan office there is Milan, or its people, its environments, its sensitivity, its customs, its cultures as they are consolidated and settled through history offer interesting 'spaces' for culture and the history of many other countries near and far, whose origins date back to the dawn of time.

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