McCunney Robert J.

A Practical Approach to Occupational and Environmental Medicine

Codice: 28345

Contributing Autors - Foreword: Occupational Medicine's Expanding Scope - ACOEME; American College of Occupational and Enviromental Medicine, Code of Ethical Conduct

  • Casa editrice: Little, Brown and Company
  • Luogo Edizione: Boston New York Toronto London
  • Anno: 1994
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23x14,5 cm., in brossura, pp. XXV (1), 823, numerose figure e tabelle, 1 tavola fuori testo con 10 immagini a colori, seconda edizione, in lingua inglese, buone condizioni. divided into five major sections: Occuapational Medical Services; Occupationally Related Illnesses; Evaluating a Health Hazard of Work Environment; Challenges in Occupational and Environmental Medicine; and Environmental Medicine, Included are six useful appendixes...content and design focus on giving you accessible information on diagnosis, treatment and management issues...